Do things.

I like to do things.

I like to figure out how companies work and find ways to make them better. I like to help other people be successful. I have ideas for my own businesses based on both products and ideas that I think I could start and be successful at. Maybe I should help people start or run a business more efficiently. Efficiency in business generally means increased profits, so maybe I’ll start a consulting business and help others become more profitable.
I like to run. I have learned things from adventures big and small and have been successful in completing them. People like adventure. Maybe I should help people learn how to run so it becomes something they can enjoy as much as I do. The more you run, the better you feel. The better you feel, the more it translates into being happier in the rest of your life. Kids like to run. Maybe I’ll work with kids and help them learn to enjoy the benefits of running and exercise so they start the healthy habits while they are younger.
I like to read. I read book after book, at times one a day because I love to learn about new things and implement new ideas and strategies into my life. Implementing new ideas and strategies into my life keeps it interesting and exciting. I like to share what I learn with others in hope that it can inspire someone else to learn something new. Maybe I’ll start a business where people come to read books and meet others. They can talk about what they have learned, the new ideas they have, and what they want to do with them. Maybe it will create a spark for the next great business to grow from.
I like to write. I like writing lyrics to songs and share what I’m thinking about and the emotions that I’m feeling. I like to write short stories and random thoughts, trying to craft the words into interesting sentences, with words that can inspire people to think about things in different ways. Sharing makes me feel better, and sharing can help other people through difficult times and inspire new ideas. Maybe I will write a book and see if it inspires someone to do something difficult they have always wanted to do.

We all have things we dream about.. things we think about almost incessantly that we wish we could create and some how bring to fruition. Maybe its as simple as crocheting a pot holder. Or starting that business we’ve been thinking about for years but are too scared to try because we feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Why don’t we do them? Why do we let day after day go by and live in a state of “not quite?” We work so hard, day in and day out.. working at a desk punching keys on a computer.. working long hours on projects that never seem to end.. running a machine or digging holes, daydreaming about how we are going to get serious about that “thing” we constantly think about and how we’ll finally “do it some day.” But what if “some day” never comes? What if we wait and we wait.. and we end up just waiting longer. What are we waiting for anyway? Are we waiting for a sign? For someone to pop up one day with the magic words that will get us to turn thoughts into action? Or will we just continue to shuffle along day after day with that nagging feeling of being personally unfulfilled because thats just the way it is? Life is only great for other people.. I’m too old to start something new.. that life is just not meant for me.

What if it didn’t have to be like that? What if we weren’t afraid? Afraid of failure. Afraid of losing it all. Afraid of not having money to keep food on the table. Afraid of what people will think about the crazy thing we want to do or experience. What if we just did things because we wanted to. What would that feel like??

It’s pretty simple. We would no longer have so many question marks. We would run naked on mountain tops. We would quit those high paying jobs we hate and do something that made us smile regardless of what the paycheck looked like. We would simplify and get rid of all the things we just collect that create more stress. We would go outside just for the sake of being outside. We would read voraciously and learn new ideas and skills. We would continue to do things that made us feel good even if we didn’t know exactly what we wanted out of it, because we at least knew the things that we didn’t want. We would stand up in front of people, stare fear in the face, and open our mouths to speak into a microphone that would amplify our thoughts and ideas for everyone to hear.. and potentially judge.

Fear is simply us wasting time. Fear is holding us back from being the person that we want to be. Fear keeps our mouths shut and our hands idle when we should be talking the loudest and waving our arms like mad. Fear keeps the crazy bottled up inside, when sometimes crazy is exactly what we need to be. Fear keeps us from creating the life that we want. And why shouldn’t we have it? It doesn’t have to be about money. What if we find out the what we always thought we wanted doesn’t seem so important anymore? What if we found out all we needed to be happy was simple and easy to attain? What would it feel like to look at the world with the wide-eyed, “I can do anything” view that we had when we were kids and had no idea what limitations were?

I might not have all the answers, but I do have one.

Don’t be afraid. Do things.

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