I am.

I am the volume knob turned up too loud, with multiple songs playing at the same time. I am 1001 ideas, all which have to be thought out and implemented immediately in great detail.. obsessing over the way all the steps will flow together.. only to be side-stepped and moved past for no apparent reason when interest is lost. On to the next one, Jayk of all trades. I am the rain that bypasses a drizzle and goes straight to a downpour.. soaked from head to toe, admiring the moment, deep in thought, trying to wait patiently until it ends. I am fidgety hands that can never sit still, like a constant caffeine high that never goes away.. pulsing through my veins, fueling the fire to do something.. anything. I am a finely tuned engine that just keeps running, attached to a tank that never seems to empty. I am the motivation to create.. always creating.. bouncing from one project to the next before mastery can be achieved. Living in the excitement of a new challenge, always learning and finding a new subject to catch my interest. Ever changing. I am the book filled with page after page of thoughtful prose, created with never-ending irony and contradictions. I am a favorite song on repeat with words that come straight from the heart.. filling the body with emotion until the mood is lost, the feeling changes, and a new song quickly takes its place. I am a footstep. One after the other.. endless.. with nowhere in particular as a destination, no desire to quit, and no finish line in sight. I am the colors on my body, ideas and thoughts created in lines and shading.. complete with a story to tell, all random with no cohesive flow. I am the shadow in a picture.. a silhouette with no clear detail against a vast backdrop of endless possibilities. I am the noise in a quiet mind that never seems to go away.. like a voice in the distance constantly whispering words that don’t make sense. I am the motivation to never stop moving, body always in motion, unable to sit still.. feeding off of progress and moving towards the unknown. I am a light switch.. changing from light to dark, dark to light.. over and over again. I am the badly timed phone call when your eyes finally close to go to sleep. I am the line on a page trying to connect every single dot, but having no real ending point.. only more dots.. and more lines. I am everything in one paragraph with no clear need to be separated. A cluttered mind.

This is the noise inside my head that drives me to do things.


Always in motion, and always moving forward.

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