The Benefit of Goal Setting Through Social Media

This is something that I deal with on a fairly regular basis. I am an avid proponent of goal setting through social media, and the reasons are pretty simple. First and foremost, it creates accountability. “But why can’t I just tell my partner what my goal is? Isn’t that enough?” In a word, no. Your partner is, and should be, the person that supports you through thick and thin.. that beacon of light when you are shrouded by darkness.. the one who can laugh at your crazy ideas, but still know that you can pull it off if you set your mind to it. In a perfect world, they are also the black and white voice that can tell you if something is just a bad idea. Unfortunately, this isn’t always what you need to hear. To do the “impossible,” it has to first actually seem “impossible.” Your partner will generally have your sanity and health as their biggest concern, which can influence the brutal honesty that you sometimes need to hear (think, “honey, do you think I’m gaining weight?).

Social media is brutal, and social media is honest. When you publicly proclaim a desire or goal to a mass audience, you are creating a personal commitment and “buy-in” that you can’t get by keeping it in your head or only telling the one person who is closest to you. When you put your goal out there, you are much more likely to achieve it, because the risk of either public humiliation, or coming across as unable to commit to a difficult goal is something that most people want to face.

And the bigger picture than that.. you just might surprise yourself and get MASSIVE SUPPORT!! If you are shooting for the stars, who doesn’t want 20, 50, or 100 people out there acting as cheerleaders? A positive mindset it imperative if you are going to see things out to the end and put in your best effort. Additionally, with a larger audience, there is the potential for that many more perspectives on how you can achieve your goal. Why do you think some of the best successes in business have come from a partnership or group??

So next time you want to make a life change and/ or set a difficult personal goal, let go of fear and embrace the potential for success. Allow others to be part of your journey. Go lose that weight, or commit to a training regimen to run that marathon, or set a plan in motion to redirect your professional career.. you just might surprise yourself and end up with even more than you bargained for!

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